System of Units and Metrological Infrastructure


  1. Revised SI and its opportunities
    New definitions of units and scales, traditional and quantum-based measurement standards

  2. Metrology in the Digital Age
    Novel traceability schemes, data analysis and qualification, robust simulation and modeling, technology and knowledge transfer, future metrological infrastructures, international cooperation in metrology

  3. Advanced Calibration Approaches

    Calibration approaches for networked measuring systems, synchronization and dynamic calibration of aggregated measuring systems, digital twins and virtual representations in metrology, remote and on-site calibration, self-calibration, measurement uncertainty evaluation in calibration and testing, software for calibration purposes

  4. Advanced Testing Methods

    Advances in testing and inspection, reference materials, structural health monitoring,  advanced metrology and testing in manufacturing

  1. Metrology in Regulation and Standards
    New regulations and standards, risk analysis in metrology and conformity assessment, accreditations and proof of competence, digital data and certificates exchange

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