Sensors and Instrumentation


  1. Sensor principles and quantities
    Mechanical, optical, temperature, humidity, ultrasonic, acoustic, flow, magnetic, impedance, chemo and biosensors, terahertz

  2. Sensor materials and technology
    Design, modeling and simulation, materials, MEMS technology, fabrication, packaging and integration of sensors, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing

  3. Sensor interface electronics
    Readout circuits, signal conditioning, conversion and digitization, signal processing, interface electronics for high precision, stability and harsh conditions, low power and harvesting

  4. Applications
    Process-measuring technology, production technology, robotics, energy technology, environmental monitoring, mobility, safety and security, health, smart living, IoT

  1. Satellite Conference: IRS² 2020 - Infrared Sensors and Systems
    IR thermal detectors, IR photon detectors, IR system components, Thermal imaging, Pyrometry, Gas analysis, IR spectroscopy, Applications

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