Welcome to the Sensor and Measurement Science International Conference SMSI 2023!


We invite you to continue the success story of scientific conferences in the field of sensor and measurement technology in Nuremberg. Within the framework of the leading international trade fair SENSOR+TEST, institutions and organizations have been linking up for more than three decades to form sustainable networks from science, industry, research and development in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas and to successfully implement joint scientific projects. We are bundling the AMA's many years of experience from conferences, symposia and expert panels into a joint event with international visibility and cordially invite you to the second Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI) conference.


With SMSI 2023, we are taking a holistic approach to sensors and instrumentation, measurement science and metrology, represented by three individual pillars, each with a clear scientific focus, but linked by the vision to promote and contribute to the ongoing digitalization. As a consequence, we have carefully revised our scientific program in the three pillars for SMSI 2023 compared to the previous conference to address the technical challenges of the future by including topics from emerging and rapidly advancing technology areas, such as quantum sensing and quantum metrology, smart measurement and sensor systems, as well as the digital, international measurement data exchange via blockchain.


We bring together international level experts from the fields of sensing and instrumentation, measurement science and metrological infrastructure. Together with our partners from science, industry, as well as national and international research institutions, we plan to develop the biennial SMSI conference series into one of the leading events in these three most important fields of digitalization. It is therefore our special pleasure to invite you to participate in SMSI 2023.


The SMSI 2023, Sensor and Measurement Science International conference, will be held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from May 8 to 11, 2023. A number of international renowned experts have already confirmed to give a plenary talk or have expressed their willingness to participate. Please submit your short paper by 15 November 2022.


We look forward to your participation!



 Schmid SMSI










Prof. Dr.
Ulrich Schmid
Technische Universität Wien


Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Michael Heizmann
Karlsruher Institut für
Technologie (KIT)


Prof. Dr.
Klaus-Dieter Sommer
Technische Universität Ilmenau






General Chair


General Co-Chair


General Co-Chair







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