Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems (JSSS)

JSSS coverThe Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems (JSSS) is an international open-access journal dedicated to sensors and sensor systems. The emphasis is on sensor elements and principles as well as the application of major system aspects. The JSSS is free of charge for readers. It is financed by fees paid by the authors, who profit from a wide circulation thanks to the open-access format.


The idea for the JSSS originated from the AMA Science Board and was implemented with the support of the AMA Association. Professor Dr. Ulrich Schmid (Technical University of Vienna, Austria), as the Journal’s Chief Editor, invites researchers and developers from institutes and enterprises to submit contributions.


However, acceptance for publication depends on the quality of the contribution as determined by a peer review process..


The editors plan to publish a Special Issue of the "JSSS - Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems" with extended contributions - held at the SMSI 2023 Conference - in autum.


Open Access Journal: Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems


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