Measurement Science


  1. Measurement foundations
    Underlying mathematical and information theory, signal processing and data analysis, uncertainty evaluation, dynamic quantities and state estimation, novel measurement principles, measurement of non-metric quantities, education for measurement  and  measurement for education

  2. Advanced methods and measurement systems
    Smart sensors, model-based measurements, data fusion, causality analysis, condition monitoring, simulation approaches, remote sensing, "self-X" strategies

  3. Networked and IoT-related measurement systems
    Mutli-sensor and distributed systems, mobile and autonomous systems, cyber-physical systems, virtual and quantum-based system references

  4. AI approaches in measurement
    Machine learning and deep learning approaches, explainable and transparent AI in measurement

  5. Applications
    Process-measuring technology, production technology, robotics, energy technologies, environmental monitoring, mobility, safety and security, health, smart living, IoT

Supporting Institutions