SMSI Science Slam


Take part in this modern form of scientific communication and you can get a free ticket for the SMSI 2021 conference (worth 630 Euros).


The SMSI Conference Committee along with the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement announces a Science Slam for


·      young scientists and

·      young companies


Young scientists (age limit:  39 years) and young companies (up to 5 years from their founding) are invited to present their innovations in this extraordinary way.

If you are already familiar with science slam, please proceed directly to the application guidelines or the application.



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Science in principle (generally) should be easy understandable and accessible for everyone. And science can raise people’s interest and fascinate them although they are no scientists.


Science and entertainment?

Yes, they can go together! Several successful formats have been established in recent years, such as FameLab, TEDx Talks, Science Notes, and Science Cafés.


Cartoons, experiments, live singing: Everything is allowed in the scientific short lecture tourney to get points from the audience. But there is one thing the rival stage striker should consider: The presentation time is usually limited to ten minutes. The audience supports with applause and provides for live atmosphere. Therefore our advice for the science slammer – often young researchers – is to use slang language and jokes. In addition to scientific content, entertainment value and comprehensibility will be also rated.


Advantages of science slam

·      It is a good training for your presentation skills. You will definitely benefit from that experience.

·      It makes science easier to understand and a wide spectrum of people can be reached.

·      It helps to improve the exchange between academic research and industry.

·      There is an exchange between different research disciplines.

·      It may help to raise the interest for accompanied scientific publications.


Further information

A similar format are the so-called FameLabs, which are hosted by the British Council.


How can you apply and participate?


For your participation we kindly ask you to prepare a short video which shows your scientific topic and your performance style. Presentation tools such as PowerPoint, Flipcharts or Boards are not allowed. Everything depends on what comes out of your mouth and how you present it. For example, you can use the different sound options of your voice, play with different emotions, slip into other roles, and express yourself with your whole body. In other words, do something to attract attention. But most important is of course the scientific content of the lecture.


Please submit your video profile describing you, your work or your company and what sets you apart from peer scientists and other companies operating in this field. Two candidates will share the SMSI Science Slam award in each category and will be selected by an independent jury. Awardees will receive free entrance to the SMSI 2021. The top criterion for this award is scientific excellence and outstanding innovation.


Video entries are free of content restrictions to give maximum freedom in creativity for all applicants. Both the scientific work and the field of work of the company must be related to the core topics of SMSI 2021. The jury will be selected from experts in these core topics as well. Awardees need to present their work and a profile of their company in a live presentation at the SMSI 2021 in front of the SMSI scientific and industrial participants.


Videoformat:     mp4

Resolution:         1280 x 720 (720p), 16:9 or
                               640 x 480 (480p),    4:3


Deadline:            30 April 2021

Notification:       1 May 2021


Price:                    free ticket for the SMSI 2021 Conference

Requirement:     39 years of age (scientists) / max. 5 years after founding (companies)


When you are done with editing, please upload your video to any cloud service and share a download link with us.


Apply now



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